Cheryl’s Story – Housing and Shelter Program

Meet Cheryl: Mother of 5, Grandmother of 14 and Caretaker of her 12-year-old Grandniece


Living month to month on a fixed income in Wai‘anae while battling health challenges, Cheryl found an opportunity to move into a lower-cost rental in ‘Ewa Beach that she and her grandniece Tatiana could call home. After completing the paperwork for her new home, she found that with her limited income, she did not have enough funds for the initial deposit.

“Catholic Charities helped in a big way and lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders.”Cheryl

Cheryl heard about Catholic Charities Hawai‘i from a friend and her new landlord. After calling CCH, she met with a caseworker and learned that she qualified for deposit assistance from CCH’s Housing Placement and Homelessness Prevention Program, which provides assistance to families experiencing homelessness and/or at risk of homelessness. The deposit assistance provided some needed relief to their tight budget and helped to provide a stable home for their family.

Susan Lau, Cheryl’s case manager, also placed a request for the family into CCH’s Holidays from the Heart program. An anonymous donor donated a prepared prime rib dinner and a supermarket gift card to Cheryl as well as a tablet computer and clothing store gift card to Tatiana.

“Catholic Charities helped in a big way and lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders. We are blessed and we are thankful,” Cheryl shared. “If people need help, they are there to help.”