Mary Jane Home unplanned pregnancy program

Expectant mother immigrates to Hawai‘i for better opportunities

An immigrant from the Philippines, Renee moved to Hawai‘i after leaving an abusive relationship. She was on a path to a new start with a new fiancé and a baby on the way. Unfortunately, complex circumstances led to the incarceration of her fiancé.

Mary Jane Home participant Renee and her son Mason

Suddenly, Renee found herself alone and uncertain of her future. She reached out to our Mary Jane Program, which offers a unique housing and educational opportunity for single women who need a safe, nurturing and affordable place to live during their pregnancy.

“At first, I was nervous and scared about moving into the Mary Jane Home,” Renee shared, “but after settling in, I found that the staff and the other residents were very encouraging and supportive.”

Renee recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. With the help she received from Catholic Charities Hawai‘i, she now has the skills needed to care for her new family. With a grateful heart, Renee is planning for a bright future.