International Mid Pac College Students Volunteer to Experience Local Culture and Serve the Community

Through a partnership with International Mid Pac College (IMPC), Catholic Charities Hawai‘i is providing serving learning opportunities to IMPC students.

IMPC offers an academic curriculum and opportunities for its students from South Korea to develop the necessary cross-cultural communication skills and confidence to perform in professional, social and academic settings.

The student volunteers commit to an experience of utilizing their English as well as learning about nonprofits and the local community through a “Discovery Day”. They then regroup and share their Discovery Day findings and experiences with their colleagues.

IMPC’s students assisted in CCH’s Volunteer and Community Engagement Office and will also assist in developing activities at various senior case management sites in the spring.

The service learning opportunities provide a window to volunteering and will also assist IMPC’s students with developing the valuable skills to address global issues by engaging at a community level.