Mary Jane Home volunteer Jane Bowerman

Jane’s Story: How Volunteering Expanded the Family of a Mother of Three

Jane Bowerman loves volunteering at Catholic Charities Hawai‘i’s Mary Jane Home, which provides housing and educational opportunities to pregnant women in need of a safe, affordable place to live during their pregnancy.

She provides a wide range of assistance to the Mary Jane Home residents, including babysitting when mothers attend meetings or classes, providing transportation to medical appointments and errands, organizing donations and teaching a scrapbooking class.

“Volunteering at the Mary Jane Home has opened up my heart and eyes to the needs of the community and to the good people that carry out the work,” Jane shared. “I get to meet amazing people – the staff, the residents and other volunteers.”

A married stay-at-home mother of three, Jane also has experience as a surgical technician in the maternity unit of a mainland hospital, making her an excellent resource for the mothers.

“Every resident that I’ve met holds a special place in my heart,” Jane expressed. “I’ve made so many connections, and I keep in touch with several former residents who update me with photos of their babies so I can continue to watch them grow.”

One young woman in particular made a special impact on Jane, and she considers her to be a little sister. The woman doesn’t have family of her own, so she relies on Jane’s guidance and support and contacts her daily.

Jane shared that because her own sister was a single mother and faced many challenges, she wishes that a program similar to the Mary Jane Home was available for her sister. “The Mary Jane Home program is so valuable, and more people need to know about it,” Jane stated. “Everyone needs to know that someone out there cares about them.”

Jane’s work fills her days with joy, and she enjoys every moment. Her personal motto is to believe in others when they don’t believe in themselves. She humbly wishes that she could do even more because she feels that the work that she does is effortless.