Counseling and Mental Health

Counseling and Mental Health

Offers individuals, couples and families the support for healthy relationships and personal wellness to address issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, grief, abuse, trauma, family problems and relationship challenges.

Our therapists are professionally trained and licensed to practice in the State of Hawai‘i and offer a variety of expertise and specialized skills to help you achieve your goal. We are committed to providing services that are compassionate, recognize the dignity of each person, advocate for social justice and are provided with excellence.

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  • Life Coaching – You can focus on setting goals for your personal and professional growth and development and work toward achieving them. With accountability, you can remove the barriers that are keeping you from the change you desire.
  • Trauma Recovery – You can work through your history of trauma/abuse and find freedom to fully live today.
  • Anxiety, Stress and Depression Recovery – Learning skills to cope with physical, emotional and behavioral responses to negative emotions can provide relief and greater health and well-being.
  • Group Counseling – We are better together. Find greater personal strength by supporting and sharing with others in similar circumstances. Some groups that are available include Domestic Violence Support, Adults Molested as Children, Divorce Recovery for Kids. Call for dates and times.

Counseling services for victims of sexual abuse and their families, juvenile sex offenders, and adult sex offenders who are on probation.

*Requires a referral from a sate or federal government agency

  • Parenting Skills and Support – Parenting isn’t easy. Work with a therapist to address behavioral challenges and develop skills to strengthen your family.
  • Behavioral and Communication Problems – If you are struggling with a specific issue, don’t struggle alone. Let us help
  • Family Therapy – Is there a chronic pattern of behavior that you cannot seem to change? Working as a family to address the issue and develop skills to change patterns is the best way accomplish healthy change.
  • Trauma Recovery – Our therapists are trained to work with children and teens who are experiencing distress after being exposed to trauma. They will work with you to understand and support your child as they heal from their experience.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling – Invest in your marriage before it begins! Learn about your strengths and interaction styles so you can understand your partner and communicate your needs effectively.
  • Couples Counseling – Don’t wait until you’re ready to give up! Work with a trained therapist to address issues before they are too big to tackle!
  • Couples Therapy for Trauma Survivors – It may require extra guidance and skills development to have a healthy relationship when issues from the past keep getting in the way. Individual and Couples Therapy may be needed.
  • Divorce Recovery and Support – Work with a therapist to grieve your loss and move toward healing and recovery. You can focus of yourself and where you need to invest time to heal.
  • Christian-Based Life Coaching – You can focus on setting goals for your spiritual, professional and personal growth & development and work toward achieving them.
  • Pre-Marital and Couples Counseling with a Christian-Based Therapist – Available for those who value incorporating a spiritual dimension to their relationship.
  • Anxiety, Stress and Depression Recovery – Learning skills to cope with physical, emotional and behavioral responses to negative emotion with a Christian based therapist.
  • Trauma Recovery – Working with a Christian-based therapist will provide a supportive environment to explore and work through your pain. Renewing the mind and healing the soul is a lifetime journey. Allow one of our therapists to join you as you work toward greater freedom and healing.

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