Government Agency Referrals

Some of our services at Catholic Charities Hawai‘i are provided to people in need who are referred to us by state or federal agencies. We help children experiencing abuse and neglect, new parents, foster care children and persons with disabilities. We also assist families with becoming therapeutic foster parents or resource families.  Among our referral-based programs are:

  • Child Sex Abuse Treatment (O‘AHU) – counseling services for victims of sexual abuse and their families, juvenile sex offenders, and adult sex offenders who are on probation.
  • Comprehensive Counseling & Support Services (O‘AHU, HAWAI‘I ISLAND) – professional counseling, case management, and crisis intervention services, outreach, support, and visitation services to families with a history of child abuse and neglect.
  • Developmental Disabilities Waiver Services (O‘AHU) – Provides home and community-based services such as personal assistance, skilled nursing, and respite care for persons with developmental disabilities. Also provides employment services to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to enter the competitive workplace and increase self-sufficiency. Must be Medicaid eligible.
  • Foster or Relative Placement Services
    • Hale Mālama (O‘AHU) – specialized foster care for infants and toddlers with special healthcare needs.
    • Interstate Compact Services on the Placement of Children (STATEWIDE) – monitoring and safe and stable placement of children in foster or relative care across state lines.
    • Nā ‘Ohana Pulāma (O‘AHU & HAWAI‘I ISLAND) – therapeutic foster care and group home program for emotionally and behaviorally challenged youth.
    • Statewide Resource Families (STATEWIDE) – assessment, training, and licensing of child-specific resource families.
  • Intensive Clinical Services (O‘AHU) – intensive therapeutic treatment and support to youth and their families in their home or community environment; purpose of the treatment is to prevent out-of-home placement of a child or to aid in the reunification of a child who is returning home from an outside placement.
  • Positive Outcomes Sustaining Successful Education (O’AHU) – promotes positive development for at-risk youth attending the Hawai‘i National Guard Youth Challenge Academy.
  • Voluntary Case Management (O‘AHU &. HAWAI‘I ISLAND) – assessment, case planning, crisis intervention, and visitation services for families with children who are at risk of being abused or neglected.