Emergency Financial Assistance - Sally's Story

Sally’s Story: Lightening the Load – CCH’s Emergency Financial Assistance Service

Throughout her arduous childhood, Sally faced many obstacles and led a restricted life in Maui.

Today, Sally is a mother of three and caretaker of her 22-year-old grandson. Her challenges have taken no respite, as she now travels back and forth between Maui and O‘ahu to care for her eldest daughter, who has Stage 4 Cancer.

Without the support of her husband, who passed away four years ago, Sally has been struggling to stay afloat.

“It was very kind of Catholic Charities Hawai‘i to offer a helping hand to lighten the stress I’ve been facing.”Sally

Sally first sought assistance from Catholic Charities Hawai‘i when she began to fall behind on her electric and water bills due to the constant care her daughter’s illness required. She heard about CCH through a member of Feed My Sheep, a mobile food distribution program on Maui that provides bags of groceries to neighborhoods in need each week. CCH provided Sally with emergency financial assistance to cover her overdue bills and a care package of food to help her provide for her family.

“Between traveling to O‘ahu to take care of my daughter, providing for my family and keeping up with expenses, it’s been extremely difficult trying to balance my responsibilities,” Sally expressed. “I’m grateful for the help Catholic Charities Hawai‘i provided me. It was very kind of them to offer a helping hand to lighten the stress I’ve been facing.”