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Sarmiento Family has “a lot of love to give” to infants and toddlers with unique physical and emotional needs

For nearly 10 years, Sonya Sarmiento and her husband Michael have been foster parents through Catholic Charities Hawai‘i’s Hale Mālama program, which provides professional foster homes for infants and toddlers with unique physical and emotional needs.

Many of these children have complex medical problems due to prematurity, birth defects, non-accidental injuries, genetic disorders, or even abuse and/or neglect.


For the Sarmientos, their work with Hale Mālama fills their hearts.

“We don’t have much,” shares Sonya, “but we have a home and a lot of love to give.”

Sonya and Michael are currently fostering an infant with complex medical needs, and their family also includes their children Stormie, Kaleb and Hao. Stormie was their first Hale Mālama foster child, whom they ultimately adopted.

Both Sonya and Michael feel that building the foundation of love for the children they foster is one of the most rewarding things about being a part of the Hale Mālama Program.