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Pathways to Peace through the Kupuna to Kamali‘i Program

Mele, a senior, was homeless and living in her car. This arose after being evicted from the house she once called home, where she had been working as a caregiver. Transitioning into this new reality was both challenging and deeply traumatic for her.

Fortunately, she connected with Kupuna to Kamali‘i, a program of Catholic Charities Hawaiʻi and began attending their gardening activities. Kupuna to Kamali‘i (senior to child) is an outreach program of Catholic Charities Hawaiʻi (CCH) on the Waianae Coast of ‘Oahu, which offers counseling and activities to address trauma and mental health needs to people of all ages with a local approach. Through the gardening activities, Mele took pride in the vegetables they grew and enjoyed cooking and sharing meals with the other participants. She found these activities empowering and began to invite other seniors to participate.

As Mele’s trust deepened with the CCH team, her therapist invited her to participate in individual therapy. They decided to ku`i kalo (pound poi) and “talk story” as alternate to traditional counseling to start the conversation about addressing her coping skills and relationships. Over time, Mele’s relationships improved as her life stabilized, and she secured housing with a friend. As she continues her journey, she is deeply appreciative of the caring support of the Kupuna to Kamali‘i program.  

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